New Site, Kings Road, Evesham, WR11 3BP

SITE HISTORY The site dates from the early 1900s when this area of Bengeworth was developed forming Northwick Road, Kings Road and Lime Street. The site is contained within an area at the rear of each of these residential roads created out of the large rear gardens and yards, workshops and garages which were attached to the residential houses along Kings Road and Northwick Road.

The development site is approached via three access points from Northwick Road, Kings and Lime Street. The ownership of the access lanes has been unknown for many years and has been in continuous use by the neighbouring homes. It has been established that the title ownership has been established recently and details of this will be available via the solicitors dealing with the property sale.

The development site has been assembled through the planning agent, Arthur Griffiths & Mumford who has agreement from 12 separate owners to include their parcels of land within the one parcel of land to assemble the development site which amounts to 1.1acres (0.446 hectares). It should be noted that the actual net development area amounts to 0.756 acres or thereabouts or 0.3hectares.

The planning agent has achieved a consent in outline for 13 dwellings of which 4 properties have been allocated for social housing. The sketch drawing shows an arrangement of 3 terraces, 1 detached property and a pair of semi-detached houses.

There are also planning conditions including a Section 106 Agreement which amounts to a total of £48,917 to be paid by the developer at various stages to Wychavon District Council. Details of the Section 106 Agreement are available with the agent or can be viewed via the Wychavon District Council planning portal on line.

SERVICES We understand that the appropriate utilities and services are available but connection must be arranged with the utility companies.


Building Plot / Land - For Sale

Freehold Residential Re-Development site situated between Kings Road and Northwick Road, Evesham, Worcestershire. Urban Renewal Scheme with outline planning consent with permission for 13 new houses ref. W/14/02751/0U including social housing allocation. Overall site area including the roads and ac