Aerial drone surveys

Surveys on buildings are requested for many reasons. It is widely recognised that purchasing or leasing a new building is likely to incur large liabilities for you the occupier, and usually results in you having to take responsibility for the buildings upkeep.

Historically, surveys have been restricted to what can be seen form standing on the ground around the building, or climbing through roof spaces to "bits of the roof" where it is possible. Responsibility however doesn't stop there, as you the occupier may have responsibility for the whole building, whether it be residential or commercial.

In the past, full external surveys have involved the use of ladders, and cherry pickers, which are particularly expensive to hire, and cumbersome to use, particularly if there isn't a flat surface close to the building being surveyed.

An inexpensive option for completing this work is to use a drone. We are able to supply a drone with a fully qualified, insured pilot operator for either a half or full day to complete aerial photography or filming to your directions and specifications. All of our pilots are fully CAA regulated.

We are able to prepare:

  • Photographic surveys
  • Photographic Schedule of Conditions for Lease purposes
  • Aerial Photographs and video footage of a building for marketing purposes

Having detailed knowledge of the condition of a building may save you thousands of pounds in the long run, and allow you to programme maintenance so that it is planned and affordable, while minimising operational disruption

For further information please contact Anthony Rowland to discuss or order your survey.

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