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Why use a RICS agent?

Posted on 07/03/2016 in Articles

Selling or letting your property can be a complicated process and one of the most important transactions you make. RICS agents act in your interest Are regulated and follow strict rules of conduct in an unregulated market Follow rules and best practise to ensure they provide exceptional service We are regulated by the RICS which […]

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The Importance of a RICS Home Survey

Posted on 16/03/2015 in Articles

Please watch this short video which explains how an RICS Home Survey from an RICS-qualified professional will ensure you know as much about the condition of what you are buying…

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Yes, you could pay less to sell your home, but why would you?

Posted on 22/12/2014 in Articles

Selling can be stressful enough, but with the guidance of a good local estate agent the process will be a lot smoother. Yes we may cost a few hundred pounds more than an online agency however we could make you thousands more. When it comes to selling your biggest asset, wouldn’t you rather use the […]

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How will the new stamp duty changes work?

Posted on 15/12/2014 in Articles

Stamp duty is the form of taxation paid when acquiring a property in the UK above a certain price threshold. Before the 4th of December 2014 the stamp duty land tax was charged as a single percentage of the property price when purchased as a one off payment. Where contracts have been exchanged on or […]

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Questions you may want to ask before you offer…

Posted on 04/11/2014 in Articles

TLG’s top searching questions to ask: How long has it been on the market? Have you agreed a sale before and if yes why did it fall through? Who are the neighbours? Why are the vendors moving? What is their timescale? How old is the boiler and when was it last inspected? If a flat, […]

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Planning, Project Management & Architectural Advice

Posted on 24/10/2014 in Articles

Timothy Lea and Griffiths has a reputation for advising on planning and development. We have been responsible for much of the long-term planning developments in the Vale of Evesham, notably the Vale Park Industrial Park and a number of other strategic development locations throughout the region. We continue to keep ourselves abreast of the developments […]

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What is included in a HomeBuyer’s Report?

Posted on in Articles

We undertake formal commercial and residential valuations compliant with the most up to date version of RICS Valuation Standards Manual (commonly referred to as the ‘red book’). We value both freehold and leasehold properties which include residential (single dwellings or multi-occupancies).   Why do I need a HomeBuyer’s Valuation?  The HomeBuyer Report includes details of: […]

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Walls and their foibles!

Posted on 20/03/2014 in Articles

Walls whether you like it or not, form a major part of your life. Whether at work or at home, the moment you go inside a building, you are surrounded by them, and they come in many guises, shapes and sizes. The quality of a wall can actually have a major impact on the aesthetics […]

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Selling a house in the spring

Posted on 17/03/2014 in Articles

Last weekend was perhaps one of the most glorious in weather terms for many a month. With the sun shining on your back, you cannot help but feel well. Many of you will have spent time in the garden, preparing for the growing season, clearing out last year’s growth in anticipation of this season. Many […]

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The Death of Distress

Posted on 03/03/2014 in Articles

Well from the title, you are probably wondering what I am going to talk about this week? It’s nothing personal, and has nothing to do with the town of Evesham, or its new bridge. This week, I thought I would give you a bit of information on the proposed changes to the Law of Distress, […]

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