Nursery at Three Cocks Lane, Offenham, Evesham, WR11 8RY

The Nursery lies to the immediate north of Three Cocks Lane and is accessed via a track leading directly from the public highway. The nursery is situated relatively close to the village of Offenham. The nursery is bisected by the access track. It is located above the flood plain for the River Avon. .

Nursery extends to:
Western part of the nursery 1.017 hectares (2.51 acres)
Eastern part of the nursery 0.663 hectares (1.64 acres)

Western part of the Nursery
• Two small sheds
3.7m x 6.3m = 23.31m²
5.2m x 8.3m = 43.16m²

• Agricultural shed
23.00m x 12.00m = 276m², height to eaves 4.3m
Fridge 1
4.31m x 5.66m = 24.40m²
Fridge 2
4.45m x 11.68m = 52m²

The agricultural shed has translucent day light panels, insulated roof panels (retrofit), concrete floor and partial fluorescent lighting. The shed has disabled cloakroom with wall mounted sink and there is a small kitchenette constructed outside of the cloakroom.
Protected Structures
Prins Venlo Glasshouse
34.2m length x 86.4m width = 2954m² (31,796ft²)
It is a 1970s single bay structure which has been subsequently expanded with rack-and-pinion vents on the one side of the ridge, overhead irrigation, anti-condensate drip channels located below the gutters. There are crop wires and supports for high wire salad crops.

The nursery also has three Keder polythene tunnels
Tunnel 1
23.7m width x 29.7m length = 703.89m² (7577ft²)
Tunnel 2
23.7m x 62.5m length = 1481.25m² (15944ft²)
Tunnel 3
14.4m width x 31m length = 446.4m² (4805ft²)

Total polythene area 2631.54m² (28,326ft²)

Eastern part of the Nursery
There are four Keder polythene tunnels
Tunnel 1
24.5m width x 32.4m length = 793.8m² (8544ft²)
Tunnel 2
33.5m width x 32.4m length = 1085.4m² (11683ft²)
Tunnel 3
40m width x 40m length = 1600m² (17222ft²)
This is a multi-span tunnel, the fifth bay is raised in order to provide ventilation in the middle of the house, again by using side vents under the main bay roof.
Tunnel 4
7m width x 27.3m length = 191.1m² (2057ft²)

Total covered area on east side of track 3670.3m² (39507ft²).

Irrigation Facilities
Both parts of the nursery have their own irrigation tank, each is serviced by a lunar water irrigation pump, fertilizer application by dosatron inline proportional injector. The irrigation lines are controlled by hunter irrigation panels.

Access Track
A right of way for horticultural and agricultural purposes only, with vehicles, machinery and on foot, will be granted over the Access Track coloured brown on the plan. The Purchaser will be required to contribute 40% towards the renewal, repairs and maintenance of the Access Track.


We understand that the property is connected to mains electricity and mains water, foul water drainage by septic tank. Interested parties must make their own enquiries to confirm continuity of supply.

Agricultural properties are exempt from business rates.

We understand that the current use of the site was exempt from business rates.

Legal costs, VAT and references
Each party to meet their own legal costs.

We understand the vendor has not elected to charge VAT on the property.


We are advised that the agricultural shed, glasshouse and polythene tunnels are all exempt.

Overage Provisions
The property is being sold subject to an overage clause entitling the vendor to a 40% share of any increase in value as a result of any residential development on the property for a period of 30 years following completion of the sale.
Rights of way, wayleaves and easements
The property is sold subject to and with the benefit of rights, including rights of way, whether public or private, light, support, drainage, water, electricity and other rights and obligations, easements, quasi-easements and restrictive covenants and all existing and proposed wayleaves or masts, pylons, stays, cables, drains and water, gas or other pipes, whether referred to in the particulars of sale or not.

Importance Notice
Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the description of the property. No guarantees or warranties are given regarding the apparatus, equipment, fixtures, fittings or services and these cannot be guaranteed to be in working order.

AgentÂ’s note:
• The vendor reserves the right to amend the boundaries and to lot the holding.
• All tunnels are equipped with overhead irrigation.
• Four tunnel bays have lost their polythene and will need to be re-skinned.

To discuss the property or to arrange a viewing, please contact Tony Rowland 01386 765700, email



For Sale - FREEHOLD NURSERY FOR SALE Western part of the nursery • Agricultural shed 276m² (2,971²) • Prins Venlo Greenhouse 2954m² (31,796ft²) • Polythene tunnels 2631m² (28,320ft²) Eastern part of the nursery • Polythene tunnels 3671m² (39,503ft²) Vacant possession given upon completion of a sale. Asking Price £250,000 The nursery will be marketed for at least two months. Prospective purchasers are advised to register their interest with the agent so that they can be sent details of the process for submission of offers and any timescales.